My mission is creating genuine portraits for clients and their families that authentically capture their essence & relationships.


Like you, I’ve shied away from being in pictures.

Until I personally experienced the value of having portraits with my loved ones that genuinely capture their laughter, smiles and the way I will always remember them. One of the greatest photographs I've ever taken were these- preserving the legacy of my grandparents (seen here).


I believe everyone deserves to have a photograph of themselves that leaves them in awe & takes their breath away.

Would you allow me to create the most beautiful portrait of you, you’ve ever seen?


Empowering women to be fully confident in their God-given ability, unique size & shape.

If you're ever wished you could have a photograph as beautiful as the ones you've seen here, or in the pages of a magazine, you're in the RIGHT place.

Each time I witness the shift in a woman’s stature as she experiences a confidence she’s never known before, embracing all that she IS in that moment- I come alive.

Come bask in the beautiful light & familiar tunes and take a deep breath- in just a few hours you’ll walk away feeling more beautiful and confident than you ever dreamed possible.

“Life is too short to remain feeling invisible.”



I’m the oldest of 14, a Biochemist on paper and cowgirl at heart.


I always dreamed of saving lives as a trauma doctor, but find myself preserving lives and stories through the lens of my camera.


I traded the rolling Sandhills of Nebraska for the hustle and bustle of the city and good coffee.

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What to Expect


Discovery Call

Simply inquire- learn more. There’s no obligation. No high pressure sales or shame, only honest answers and encouragement.

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Design Consultation

I’ll learn more about YOU and your desires, hopes, dreams and expectations. From here I’ll guide you in what to wear and how to best prepare for your photography experience.


Breathe Deep & Relax

Come fully prepared, ready to relax & enjoy all we have prepared for your session!


Cherish and Treasure

The photographs you’ve always dreamed of having, are now yours to enjoy and display.


Ready to get started?

Photographing women & their loved ones, like you is the work I'm most passionate about.

The first step is always met with the greatest amount of resistance. 
Share your excitement or your worries and fears- either way- I can’t wait to hear from you!