Childhood Memories
made of
Real Moments & Emotions


Discover why Tessa is
Atlanta’s Favorite Children’s Photographer.


Connecting with kids is Tessa’s hidden super-power.

Ballet Moves

What little girl doesn’t love wearing a cute dress and dancing like a princess?


Yep- even the 3’s she can get to freeze!
Moments of curiosity and wonder, are fleeting yet SO captivating.


What’s your current favorite moment shared with your kids?


Moments & Emotions
that elude time and current trends.


“Come with me where dreams are born and time is never planned.”

– Peter Pan

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The Process

Get to know you, tessa marie

Get to Know you (GTKY)

I love learning about your kids! It’s also great to discover what images you’re most drawn to and what vision you have for your session!

Pro-Styling, Tessa Marie Studios

On- Demand Wardrobe

I have hand selected dresses & tops in a variety of sizes so “finding” the right dress- removing one more task from your “to-accomplish” list!

Fun photos, Tessa Marie Studios

Stress Free

Little Jimmy might have a melt-down, Suzy may not be thrilled about missing screen time, rest assured, I have an uncanny ability to roll with it all while creating FUN for everyone!


Camera Time

Get in and get out. I make it fun & efficient while ensuring everyone will have a great experience. You get to relax- so bring a good book or small project you’d love to tackle. I’ll take care of the rest!



Come back and see just how beautiful I’ve captured your children. I’ll guide you through selecting favorites and selections in wall art, folio albums and our beautiful handmade storybook albums too.

Tessa Marie Studios

deliver & Install

4-6 weeks after your Reveal and ordering appointment your art will arrive and be ready for delivery and installation. Yes- if you order a wall grouping, I come ready to be sure it gets hung immediately on your wall(s)!


I’m the oldest of 14, a Biochemist on paper and cowgirl at heart.


I always dreamed of saving lives as a trauma doctor, but find myself preserving lives and stories through the lens of my camera.


I traded the rolling Sandhills of Nebraska for the hustle and bustle of the city and good coffee.


Being the oldest of 14 and then spending 7 years as a nanny- I’ve worked with children my entire life!

With endless tricks up my sleeve and a way of being that calms nearly any and all anxiety and meltdowns- I enjoy helping kids feel comfortable in the studio and give them the time and space they need to feel safe before ever asking anything of them.

We take “breaks” for playing tag, “circle time” and sometimes our furry friends come to visit too!

I love children for their lack of filters, wonder and curiosity for life and ability to be JOYFUL and live in the moment.

Timeless, innocent and filled with wonder, these black and white portraits freeze time and create a timeless portrait of fleeting memories and moments that one day will only be shared as, “remember when”.


“A child has a special way of adding joy to everyday!”






Candid Expressions


A little client love


Atlanta’s Best Portrait Experience


Transformational Coaching & Leadership


Personal Branding & Headshots


“You don’t take a photograph,
You make it.”
- Ansel Adams

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