Their Favorites and Why


"While I had a list of several images that are my favorite, this one is one that tops the list. The entire day was a blur for us, it all went by so incredibly fast. There are moments I vividly remember feeling like I was standing still watching it all happening around me and wanting to soak it all in the best that I could. This image reminds me of that standing still while our most favorite people supported us on what has been the most important day of our lives to date. Even though that day and many of its details are a blur at the end of it it was ultimately about our marriage. The day would have been lost if it were not for you, Tessa! You are the best decision we made and we are so so so thankful for you and what you captured that day!"

Mrs. Courtney Smith


"Our relationship began with dancing as we were set up by a mutual friend to attend a country themed sorority dance. Lauren was needing a date who knew how to swing dance, and Matthew happened to be that guy. Throughout our dating relationship, engagement, and first few months of marriage we have continually found true joy in dancing. Also, what bride doesn't just radiate joy when getting to twirl around in the most beautiful dress that she will ever wear? "

Mrs. Lauren Norris


"This picture just sums up everything we wanted and could have hoped for our wedding day! We had all our friends and family witnessing us give our hands in marriage and that sky is indescribable! But for us that little bit of sun breaking through the clouds is a symbol that my deceased grandfather and Michael's deceased grandmother was there with us too."

Mrs. Rachel Markakis


"Omg!!! Just one I could send you so much!!!! I love this picture because I think is a great representation of how we are. He is always there for me and I am the same for him. This picture also makes me smile because he is always whispering something sweet  in my ear.

Mrs. Kelsey Shannon


"This is our favorite picture from our wedding day. It was the first moment we had to ourselves as we'd made it past our guest walking down the aisle after the ceremony. We both wanted to turn around and make sure we soaked in all of the friends and family who were there supporting us on our Wedding Day and all of the days ahead. The only people who would see us were our pastor and our wedding party. To us, it was a nod of thanks to them for being such wonderful cheerleaders of our lives. It was such a special moment and I'm so happy that you were able to capture it for us."

Mrs. Ashlee Nichols


"I was never the girl who dreamed of the perfect wedding. I just wanted it to be magical. This picture showcases how I remember that day... it was... Magical."

Mrs. Jennifer Rivera


"This photo stands out to me the most because it was our last picture of a very eventful day.  We were all so tired and worn out but when we got in the car to leave this was one of the only pictures Tessa showed us, it almost brought tears to my eyes because how powerful this image is, it's also so romantic.  It Reminds me that Buck and I are a rock solid couple, and together we can achieve great things. As we began our life together as husband and wife, this will always be a beautiful reminder of our love for each other!"

Future Mrs. Kayla Farmer


"The photo beautifully captures our joy during this special time and how in love we are."

Future Mrs. Katie Aly

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