Celebrating the Perfectly Imperfect Yet Absolutely Beautiful Kind of Love

" We celebrate new love, the beginning of a bright future together and the birth of a new life but what about the love that is the reason any of the prior exists?"

Often overlooked, taken for granted, forgotten… this my friends is what I believe legacies are made of.

The perfectly imperfect, yet beautiful love. Tested and tried, weathered and worn. The love that came before and the love that’ll be there tomorrow.

Marriage vows taken and then put into motion. Hand in Hand. Despite storms and near destruction they've withstood the storms.

Marriage. The good. The Bad. The Ugly and all that's made slightly rough and worn around the edges yet uniquely beautiful and Yours.

So today is the day we'll celebrate You.. Celebrate this thing called life. This thing we call love... love that's refined like fine wine. Deep, true, tested and beautiful.

If you've been married more than 10 years and the last professional pictures you have of your and your spouse were your wedding day… Or more than 5 years ago... this is for You. Don't wait another day. Tomorrow isn't guaranteed (ask someone whose life will be changed in the time you read this sentence) and you're the only one that'll fret about those last 10lbs you need to lose (I Promise!) ... today is your day.

Not tomorrow- TODAY.

“Don't postpone till tomorrow what can be done today." (Russian Proverb)

A little story....

There's only one professional portrait I've ever seen of my grandparents. Black and White its home, was elevated from little hands on the left of the bookshelf in the family room. The traditional full length portrait of them at the altar where they exchanged their vows 58 years ago.


About 5 years ago I took another of them holding their wedding picture, side by side and hand in hand. This wasn't my idea but when I saw the image I knew this is something I wanted for them but also for me.

Her hair wasn’t done, there was no time for makeup  and they weren’t in their Sunday’s best… But rather in their everyday attire after another long days work on the ranch.

It was a beautiful early Nebraska evening so I took a few more frames- candidly of their laughter and the smiles that spread across her face as he held her tight… or “the look” he knows all too well.


The last image I snapped of them was as they were walking down the sandy trail back to the homestead they’ve made their home, hand in hand into the sunset. An image that touched my grandfather deeply enough that he's requested (on more than one occasion) this be the image that's used on their tombstone.


Fast forward a couple of years and they're sleeping in two different beds for the first time in 58 years. Health complications forced her into a home while he's still able to live on his own. These are the only (recent portraits) of them together side by side on their ranch. The same ranch they ventured into the wilderness all those years ago and made their own.

More than just a snapshot these are pictures that bring smiles to their faces. Pictures hanging in their (now) independent homes. Photos that capture the love they share, their smiles, their laughter, oh the laughter of all those years past.

I didn't know then how much having these photographs of them would mean to me. That day I didn’t realize they would have such a great impact on them as well.

It's their Legacy. Two people. One ranch.

     So much history. So many stories. A legacy that started long before the day I was married and began my own.

It's a marriage I strive to live up to each day in my own life and it's their story that will now be brought to life for their great-grandchildren.

Oh how glad I am that grandma didn't fuss too much over her hair or the outfit she'd wear.. But they marched outside and participated in a moment that's impact will be felt and seen for years and years to come.

So with that I'd love to invite you to celebrate a love that's inspired you (giving the gift of a session) or finally making today the day you commit to taking your turn in front of the camera.

Do it for her. Do it for him. Do it for your children... But most importantly don't waste another day in saying, "Maybe tomorrow"... Do it today. "Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday." -Dale Carnegie

So it's time that we celebrate and make time to create a lasting evidence of this beautiful love. The perfectly-imperfect yet oh so beautiful and true... That kinda of love that (not dreams) but Legacies are made of.

It's a decision I can assure you... you'll never regret!

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Of all the photos I've taken these are some of my most cherished moments and memories. I'd love for you and your families to experience the same priceless gift.