His Favorite

If only you could have been a fly on the wall. Their expressions when they got to see all their pictures laid before them on the table. To see them go through and point to the ones they really loved the most... oh how I can't wait to share some of their insight and stories. Getting a real "behind the photos" experience with this lovely pair. Vanessa you are such a beautiful woman and friend. I've really enjoyed getting to meet your David.

It's not everyday someone looks at their picture and references they look like a movie star.. but this was the picture he continued to come back to.

For a girl who grew up in Western Nebraska and watching the VHS John Wayne classics... and then that's the "movie star" that's referenced it makes it all a little more special. :)


What an incredible gift to see their marriage and themselves in pictures. Real pictures in a candid, fun and relaxed setting.

I truly believe it's not as much about the pictures as much as it is about the relationship.

Your only job is to come and be yourselves. If you'll share YOU with me then I promise it's literally that easy and as a result you'll have beautiful pictures that are reflections of your heart and soul.

Be sure to come back later this week as I'll be sharing more soon!