"Don't you worry- just in case I've got your back." and with that he gave a nod to the camera in his hand. The little black box. Fist sized. Flash ready for the perfect moment. Disposable maybe? In any case.. I breathed a sigh of relief, smiled and chuckled with him. Coming home and going through the wedding pictures I stumbled across this picture. Years past I may have grown frustrated because rather than being in the moment grandpa has the camera covering his face preventing the expressions and emotions of that moment to be expressed... BUT with time my perspective has shifted and with that I not only saved this picture- but I'm sharing it with you.. With my new "shifted perspective" of this image.

I don't know anything about Maggie's grandparents. I don't know their story, where they live or call home but I do know a few things...

I know they were proud and quite excited to see their granddaughter walk down the aisle. (it was written all over their faces minutes before the ceremony started) I would guess that Grandpa may be a photographer at heart. Like me- he just loves capturing the moments and couldn't pass up the opportunity to try and capture that super special picture of his granddaughter. I can also guess that one day- regardless of how "great" that picture is HE took of HER that it's a picture she'll absolutely CHERISH... Because it's the way HE saw his little granddaughter on her wedding day. It was his own little "moment" that reflects who grandpa may have always been to them... And for that reason alone I love this image more than all the rest..

Camera at the ready finger in place.. Waiting.. Patiently waiting for the perfect moment and the shutter to "click".