Kaile | Women's Portrait Photographer

"Sometimes I get wrapped up in the world's definition of beauty and become super critical of myself. The experience with Tessa reminded me that isn't what God intended; we are to love others as ourselves, so to love others well, we must fully love the way God created us...

Leaning into this way of thinking brings a whole new meaning of beauty to me.


If you saw this sweet girl on the street- you may also notice her natural beauty. It's in the way she carries herself and in the joy that radiates from her. You would likely assume that because you see her as being such a beautiful stranger that she doesn't have the same self-confidence and self-esteem struggles. Little do you know- that yes- even though everyone else (including you) can see her beauty... There are days it's a struggle for HER to see it too. She's no exception.

Do you realize though what this means.. That you- yes even you reading this- who can't find a single thing to love about yourself right now... YOU are beautiful.

Wanna know how I know this to be true?

We're all human and if you're a female then at some point in life you've looked in the mirror and believed the lies. The lies of not being "this or that", not being "____ enough". Skinny, pretty, successful.. The list goes on. Rather than seeing your strengths you've given that little voice a megaphone to point to your weaknesses (or what you now deem as a weakness).

Someone may have whispered or yelled something that brought negative attention to your body or your self and overtime you've never quite fully recovered.

I've photographed many teens and women over the years. All body shapes, all ages, all sizes and all demographics. From trafficking survivors to established and successful women and mothers. You know what.. they're all equal in their struggles. Inside the depths of their souls... They share in the same struggles. The struggle to simply see themselves the way others do and to see Beauty and Strength when they look in the mirror.

So what about you... I challenge you to take a morning or afternoon. To make time to come to the studio and soak in this experience. It'll be fun and you'll walk away feeling like the superstar you are!