Pure Barre | Challenge Yourself


I’ve always considered myself an active person and someone who enjoys sports, fitness and being outside. I’ve done group classes, I’ve done the gym weight/cardio routine and group fitness, bootcamps, etc. Those all brought physical fitness and a good sweat, improved cardio and muscle tone but no matter how clean my diet was or the amount of crunches I did.. There were certain areas of my body that just refused to be toned! Don’t get me wrong- I’m a huge advocate of being happy with your body and promote a positive body image, self-esteem, etc. I also believe that being “skinny” isn’t the perfect picture of health or beauty either. Rather- I side with being strong and fit- not only is that more healthy for your body overall BUT it also comes with a mental fitness and health you won’t have by simply dieting or counting calories. Enter: Pure Barre.

Being self-employed is a great thing but it’s also very easy to work all your “awake” hours and not set time aside for yourself. Last year I wasn’t happy with my fitness decline and lack of physical exercise. So I found Pure Barre online. The concept intrigued me. So I finally mustered up my courage and walked into my first class.  First Impression: the instructors were super sweet and helpful but overall I didn’t feel like the class was overly challenging (note: I haven’t practiced any type of yoga/pilates/etc. before). BUT because I really enjoyed the class I jumped into their new client special. Class two: I sang a different tune. I found it more challenging and somewhat additive. Not only was it a challenge for my body but I soon discovered that those 55 minutes my mind was challenged to stay focused on the position and making that “mind-body” connection. It was the first time in years that I went 55 minutes without a single thought of to do lists, work, clients, emails, etc.

Needless to say within about 5 classes I started to see a change in my body. Each class became more challenging than the last and I developed a new love for spending an hour each day becoming stronger- mentally and physically! It’s changed my body in ways I never thought were possible. I have more tone and definition to those “trouble areas” (abs, thighs, seat) than I’ve ever had before. Not only this but I’m stronger, more confident AND best of all while eating a healthy diet is best for overall wellness I don’t feel guilty when having dessert or a glass of wine multiple times a week. :)I recently met with Maggie, the owner and leader of my Pure Barre studio in Vinings and asked her a few questions. Here’s what she had to say. Q. How did she first discover Pure Barre? A: Maggie was living in Alabama when she first discovered Pure Barre as a student. She eventually transitioned into the teacher role. A few years later an opportunity to own a studio (in Atlanta) was presented to her and she jumped in! She’s built and established a team that’s walked along-side her and lead all of her members for the past 3 years! The Vinings Barre team is made up of women from all walks of life- from late twenties and single/dating to mothers of grown children and everyone in-between.

Q. What's her favorite part of teaching or managing the studio?

A: She loves it when her clients/members walk away from class and share how they always feel better when they leave than they did when they walked in. Everyone feels better when they’ve accomplished something physically but it’s the mental fortitude that women embrace that really gets her excited.

I asked her why it works. I’ve seen it CHANGE my body, I’ve heard from my friends whom I’ve introduced to classes rave about their newly acquired abs.. But we’re not spending half the class doing crunches and ab work so what’s the magic sauce??The answer? Though not a proven "science" it's likely because you’re engaging your core throughout 55 minutes of exercise, every movement and sprint. That’s one part. Secondly you work each muscle group three times to their complete fatigue (the shake). Bringing it to failure and pushing your body (and mind) farther and farther with each position and exercise. Part three- you complete a full body routine and workout from head to toe in 55 minutes. Stretching each group of muscles while they’re tired and warm resulting in results and long, lean and toned muscles.

Pure Barre is a great workout alone but she’s seen it help give better core strength to aid in improving the play for tennis athletes and the speed and overall strength for women who love to run.

I’ve seen it reduce and eliminate my chronic back pain as well. I no longer feel that post-wedding fatigue on Sunday and mentally I'm always sharper and more focused when I've worked in taking routine classes during the week. 

They have an incredible new client special and also have special programs for new moms and brides as well! Give it a shot- I promise you won't regret it!