The Next Chapter | Tessa Marie Studios

For nearly a year I've felt a tug in my heart that it was time. Time for a change. While I loved my old website and brand- I wanted something that better fit where my work and heart had evolved to. About this same time I started to see many new brands and websites. Beautiful scripts, hand lettering, soft and beautiful BUT as much as I loved these sites and the softness and beauty in the hand lettering the tug in my heart knew that if I did something like this it wouldn't be right.

Fast forward to the Spring- my heart started to long for taking time and putting energy towards working with women again. The work I did with Five Ten Girls is something I had truly LOVED. Using my camera to empower and capture women and the teen girls in a way that they truly felt and SAW beauty in themselves was an incredible experience! I wanted these future sessions to be more than just a session but an entire experience. A celebration.

But then there were a list of what I was calling my "reasons" I wasn't ready to pursue this dream and passion. What would my clients and future couples think if suddenly I started shooting other genres of photography and showing this online? (For 4 YEARS I'd strictly only shared and showed weddings because that's 99% of what I shot).

I didn't have a location.

I didn't have the right space with the right light.

I hadn't practiced.

I didn't want to walk away from something I loved.

I didn't want to create any doubt in the minds of those who have loved and supported me along the way.

  • I didn't ___.
  • What if ____.
  • But what if___.
  • What will___ think?
  • all the unknowns.

My list of reasons and can'ts and not ready yets... Then one day, sitting in the sunshine at one of my favorite little coffee shops.. a friend called me out. There was little to no truth in my "reasons" it was Fearand she was right.

That ugly four letter word. FEARwas crippling. 

I wasn't happy. I had lost a passion and drive that I've always had. I wasn't satisfied. Losing passion and drive and running your own company don't tango well together- let me tell ya! The struggle was real. Yet deep inside I knew if I was going to continue to be a photographer I needed to follow my heart and the reasons of why I'm passionate about taking pictures.

If I didn't pursue my dreams and saw someone else live out my dream(s) it would be devastating... So with that phone call I pressed forward. 

I booked a couple of shoots. I gave it a TRY. and you know what... it wasn't perfect. There was SO MUCH GRACE and Patience given by these sweet women and yet I discovered all those fears.. yep most of them were simply in my head!

Fast forward again literally about 4 weeks and I was already thinking and dreaming about a space. A few days later I went with a friend to walk through this space and instantly knew.. this was it. Everything I had pictured in my mind and tried to find in the previous months... was sitting right in front of me.

But then fear again made me question yet again.. if I was ready.

A leap of faith.

A deposit.

Adding non-wedding pictures to my website and it was then I knew I was ready to start the re-branding process.

The most incredible thing is looking back at the past 12-18 months and seeing how the heart behind my work so beautifully aligns my wedding work AND this new branch of portraiture. One heart. One passion and yet now I'm able to serve brides, grooms and their families on a wedding day AND women in my studio!

A HUGE shoutout to With Grace and Gold. True to their name they've listened, they've quieted my doubts and fears and they've brought to life something more perfect and eloquent than I could have ever dreamed. Introducing the Brand New "Tessa Marie Studios"

My heart for this new chapter was to have something legacy focused. Something timeless, beautiful, eloquent and yet soft and romantic. Memorable yet clean and simple. Then they framed these words and it was then I knew they saw the vision and my heart:

"If you're looking for real, authentic imagery that stirs your heart and moves your emotions, you've come to the right place."

  • I've fallen in love with working with my couples but also their families. That family picture time is now one of my favorite parts of the day!
  • After searching for several years for a photographer that could tastefully capture some artistic portraits of me- as a woman (for me and my husband) and coming up empty handed.. until I had my friend take these pictures for me... AND THEN seeing how much of a personal IMPACT it had on my self-image and confidence.. I knew I wanted to give this gift to other women.
  • Seeing the joy and giving the gift of beautiful portraits of the WOMEN and matriarchs of the family is a gift. Knowing what these portraits mean to the families is something I cherish and treasure.

I'm SO excited to launch this new vision, passion and art into the world. To make it known far and wide that not only do I love telling the story of love but also documenting the beauty of women.    


Introducing the new logo: So be sure to check out the website. Join our campaign to share with your friends next Monday here. (you'll earn yourself 5 entries into the GRAND PRIZE drawing) and let me know what you think by coming to follow along for sneak peeks and behind the scenes stories on instagram here.