Mother-Daughter Portraits

I loved working with Caroline for her headshots this Fall. When she mentioned bringing her daughter in- I was thrilled! What an incredible morning we had together! She shared how her daughter isn't typically into hair and makeup and prefers to keep things low-key but on this day she got a little pampering of her own. Seeming to enjoy the hair and makeup (though it was kept exceptionally natural and light) my favorite part was the end where they both wore the tulle skirts and had some dancing fun!

The series of her dancing is so filled with joy and beauty. I can't help but smile each time I see it! It's so fun getting to capture mothers but these mother daughter duos (with their teen or pre-teen) daughter are extra special. Life goes so quickly, months pass by in a flash but in a year and even 5 years from now- this is an afternoon they'll look back on and smile.

What a special time in their lives together. What a beautiful reminder of the young lady she's becoming and the incredible mom that Caroline is. Tissues were ready during the reveal and we both smiled, reminisced about the day and I can't say I was the only one with tears that day.