Celebrating Life | Atlanta Portrait Artist

Celebrating Life. It was a day we'd planned for. It's a day I look forward to re-creating for other mothers of special needs children and women who are survivors of abuse (verbal, physical and sexual). Women who either can't feel or find the beauty inside of themselves and those who spend their days giving of themselves to ensure their children have every opportunity in this life with borrowed time.

This particular afternoon I'd lined up hair and makeup thanks to my incredibly talented and giving hair and makeup artist (Christine). As an extra surprise, I'd also reached out to a good friend whose incredibly talented and one of my favorite videographers- Mike of Atl Wed.

The morning finally came. Plan A for outfits fell through but I had a plan B and they all came together beautifully. Everyone arrived. With anxious anticipation, I welcomed all 6 of my guests for the day!

I placed myself in the kitchen corner, curling wand in hand and armed with plenty of bobby pins (to curl little girls hair) while Christine worked her magic and pampered this mama a few feet away in the bathroom.

The kids quiet, yet with eager anticipation and excitement milled around the studio. Then Mike arrived. Oh the fun. These kids know their aunt does photography and they understand photographs but video and getting to see how his gear was different brought a host of questions and Mike- as his gracious self-answered every single one with a smile.

So with that, I'd love to introduce you to my sister and my beautiful little nieces and nephew. Two of these girls are my inspiration and heart- seeing their determination to live a "normal" life despite all that SMA and their lack of mobility might bring against them... They face it head on and with a SMILE. Those middle three are some of the most gracious, beautiful, kind hearted and spunky little 3s you'll ever see.

After seeing this I don't know what mother WOULDN'T want to share a day and capture these types of sweet memories, portraits, and photos with their children. Check it out- you'll see what I mean.

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