Buckhead Family Photographer

It's always a sweet privilege when another photographer you admire asks YOU to capture their family. This was the case with Debbie. We've been acquainted since the very early day sof my business and getting to meet the rest of her family and spend an afternoon with them in one of their favorite places was a treat!

I love this little hideaway, down by the river. I love that it's absolutely gorgeous. The light seems to fall differently each time I visit and it gives countless opportunities for creating something truly unique for the family or couple I meet there.

Not only is this particular little creek beautiful but it's a place Debbie takes her boys to play. It's near their home and having 3 little boys- playing in the mud, skipping rocks on the river and having real adventures in natures is something they do often and a memory I'm sure they'll look back on with a smile when they recall their childhood.

I loved that they even brought their furry, four legged boy as well. A part of the family and that he joined in on the excitement, shared in the moments and added to the fun.

These are just a few of our favorites. Sweet moments, gorgeous light and a beautiful family. These stories truly encapsulate the love they share. The light in their eyes and the way they adore and admire one another. The way each little guy still fits in his mother's grasp and lets her hold them tight. Our lives seem to flash before our eyes and yet in these moments time seems to standstill. These are moments they'll cherish today but even more so in 5 and 10 years from now.