Your Everyday Hero


Women's History month is just a few short weeks away and I want to spend this April encouraging others, spreading stories of love, happiness, and acts of service. Words and acts of kindness- that in those moments may have been so simple and trivial but when looking back, these intentional actions could have been what shifted, transformed or deeply touched their life.

I have one of these everyday heroes. A woman I admired and appreciated but it wasn't until I looked back on that time in my life and where I am today that I realized the true impact and value of her being a part of my life.

Her name is Ms. Pat. A beautiful, courageous, cancer survivor who had a gift and talent of dancing her long delicate hands across the keys of her baby grand piano in a way that always caused something deep inside my heart alive. She was stern, expected only the best but had a tender, caring and empathetic heart as well. She pushed me to better myself and believed in me, my talents and truths when few others did. She saw me for who I was and who I could become. She recognized the lies I was wrestling with and living under while she gently spoke life-giving words of truth, love, and encouragement. She saw me at a time I didn't feel seen, appreciated, worthy or that I had any chance of accomplishing my dreams. The truth is, I didn't realize or understand the value of her words of affirmation and love until many years later. She's one of the most humble and selfless women I know and because she stood with me, pushed me to be my best self and shared her beautiful heart and smile with me with each lesson at those black and white keys- she's my hero. 

I'm partnering with a few other incredible local businesses and women business owners to recognize, celebrate and sing the praises of special women like Ms. Pat in your life!

Here's how it works:

  • Think of that person in your life- that stood in a gap for you- encourages you, & inspires you.  While we all have celebrity heroes- this month we're sharing about women who have directly impacted our lives.
  • Click here to share the details and nominate them for "Everyday Hero" Award.The Grand Prize Winner will receive:  One hour style consultation with Wider Style Complete makeover and portrait experience shared with the person that nominated them by Tessa Marie Studios $100 Gift Certificate + a special gift collection from Cumberland Diamond Exchange A beautiful portrait collection of their favorite images valued at over $1200. In the spirit of celebration and generosity- there will be prizes for the top 10 nominees!
  • Nominations will be open until March 31st. Voting Begins April 1st and ends April 21st on Facebook here.
  • We'll start sharing your inspiring stories and "letters of recognition" beginning April 21st.
  • The Grand Prize winner will be announced and their story will be shared April 30th.

Submit your nomination here.