Jamie & Patrick's Piedmont Park Engagement Pictures

It’s been awhile since I’ve been out to photograph an engagement session and let me tell ya- it felt SOOO good to be back with these two! Patrick was a groomsman in a wedding 5 years ago (today) and how special it was to see him get his turn in the “spotlight” with his beautiful, sweet, fun-loving wife to be!

We met at Piedmont Park, they were engaged here on the little side dock overlooking the pond and the city that they love. Laughter was plentiful throughout their session and yet my favorite moments and photographs are the ones where it was a sweet, intimate “moment” between the two of them. Those in-between moments where you can see how much they love one another in their gaze.

I’m anxiously anticipating their wedding next Spring in Houston! I can’t wait to return to Texas, but more importantly to be a part of their wedding weekend as we celebrate these two becoming husband and wife!

Thank you Patrick and Jamie for the honor of telling your story and capturing this love that you share- I can’t wait to see where life takes you!