Kelyn and Joel's River Engagement Pictures

Kelyn and Joel are some of the sweetest, most thoughtful and caring individuals you’ll ever meet. Then you put these two together and it’s like their kindness runs over.
They met while in college in Columbus, both have a passion for music and the arts. Though it wasn’t love at first sight, it wasn’t long before they both knew they’d found their ONE. Yet they didn’t realize at the time, they both had that feeling.

Though he’s a Southern boy, he loves getting on the slopes and spends most of his time while skiing doing black diamonds (in Colorado), oh and he really loves spiders. During the session he even picked one out of the tree and then started sharing so much about the spider and watching him reluctantly move without his web. On a Fall afternoon you’ll find him either on his bike or hiking a trail in the Georgia mountains. If she’s not with him on the trail, you’ll find Kelyn sipping tea while playing the piano and singing in her living room. She may even sneak into the kitchen and enjoy baking something sweet to be enjoyed by her friends and family as well.

Before they were officially dating he invited her to join him and some friends to go ice skating. This particular evening everyone else had conflicts or had to bail last minute and it left them on the ice together, alone. Joel was a regular on the rink and as they were skating a little boy there recognized Joel and noticed he had a new friend with him- then asked “Is that your girlfriend? Are ya’ll getting married?” (you’ve got to love kids and their forwardness right!?) Joel responded, “no”, he’d just met this girl a week prior. Fast forward a couple of years and they happened to be skating again and saw the same boy on the rink- yet this time they were able to let him know that they were in fact- getting married!

This Spring these two are getting married in the middle of the Georgia pines near her home and I can hardly wait to see just how incredibly beautiful and fun their wedding will be!

Here’s to a little fun over the course of the afternoon we got to spend together on the river and then getting some fun night shots just before dinner!