iPhones, Portraits and Grandma's Apple Pie

This year, while decorating for the holidays, and cooking Christmas cookies, imagine yourself 30 years from now as Grandma Sarah. You take a seat in your living after hosting your family for Christmas and share stories with your granddaughter, Katie about when her mom was 9 years old and how much she loved making everyone laugh and how her personality is as beautiful and bright as her mothers was when she was her age. Imagine for a moment, watching Katie’s eyes light up as a smile spreads across her face?

The age old question, “How much is this going to cost?”  While I can share what the average family spends on their portraits or the starting prices for wall portraits and heirloom boxes, I believe there is a question that’s FAR MORE important- What will having these memories mean to your family 30-50  years from now?

While reading about the new iPhone I realized that the cost of a new iPhone (per year, based on the average 4 year lifespan) is $350. Up front you’ll swipe your card though for twelve to fourteen hundred dollars.

For the same cost of a single smartphone, your family could experience a fun, creative, light inspired, less stressful (dare I say, stress-free) family portrait experience with Tessa Marie. Most importantly, I’ll guide you in selecting your favorite portraits and in the album or folio options that will work best for your family too. You’ll not only enjoy your photographs and this experience this year but it’s the gift of time you’re giving your family for many years to come.

Educating the families I work with doesn’t end with selecting a location, the time of day for their session and guidance and suggestions on their attire but begins and ends with a discussion on how they’d like to preserve the memories and moments we’re capturing.

It’s like a Disney Vacation and the memories will last forever. Everything is customized, personalized and each person's experience is accounted for before during and after the session.

It’s not just a photography session but an experience, for some, it’s once a year and for others there’s a couple of years in-between.

What about you… if you were Katie- how special would those stories be that your grandma told, and how much would it mean if you had photographs of her, your mama and yourrself so it wasn’t just a story about the resemblance but you could see your smile reflected back in the eyes and smiles of the women you love most.

There’s some things money can’t buy and
grandma’s photographs, stories and apple pie are a few.


A few pages of the storied afternoon I spent with this family- preserved in the pages of their beautiful heirloom linen album.

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