Celebrating Her Senior Year

I so often get asked if I photography high school seniors.. and my answer is a resounding YES!!

I grew up in the Mid-West and everyone looked forward to getting to go and do their Senior Portraits! Granted, they looked quite different than the portraits I create today- but I still remember my own experience. Feeling special, pretty and most importantly how much I really LOVED my photos because of the way they made me feel!

When Olivia’s sweet mama reached out and asked me to do her daughter’s portraits I was SO excited. I really loved that Olivia was willing even willing to do a few portraits before makeup as a part of the BareBeauty Movement.

If you’re a high school senior or you know someone graduation in 2019 or 2020 and they’d love to have not only beautiful images but also a great experience in front of the camera- be sure to reach out!

For now- enjoy a peek into the afternoon I spent with Olivia!