Stepping into the Ring

The first time I saw this video- I cried. It still moves me inside, goosebumps and I feel ENERGIZED each time I watch it!
How many of you can relate to Keala? How many of us have a gift to share with the world- we’re encouraged to share- to “step out” and just GO and yet we hide behind fears and lies and stories racing in our minds. Those stories that feel SO real and true- yet have we paused to question their validity?!

When she stepped into the “ring” her voice changed- her power came bursting through and it’s as if she OWNED the gift SHE is and was willing to share it with the room.
While holding Hugh’s hand- she could have easily stayed there- frozen by fear while battling the voice inside- YET she knew she had more to offer and give.

I can’t help but wonder- what if…

  • What if she hadn’t stepped out from behind the music stand and fear would have won?

  • Can you imagine being in the ROOM and sharing in this experience? If it moved you watching it online- imagine the power of the experience being part of the moments shared!

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned to practice is the gift of self-awareness. To slow my mind down enough to raise my awareness to how I’m feeling and what thoughts and conversations I’m having in the moment. This is especially when I step into a space where I experience discomfort. Where fears arise, where I feel my knees begin to shake. I personally feared public speaking, until I began to notice what was causing that fear. While I haven’t quite fully overcome this fear, I can say that with each time I step onto the stage, or speak up and share my voice with a group my confidence increases and drives a new energy, passion and excitement that overtake the moment, pushing the fear aside.

Have you ever had an experience like Keala- where you were uncertain, nervous or scared of what was in front of you- or what you were about to do… and yet you too, stepped into the ring and got to impact and move a room? Or maybe you’ve been someone in a room- getting to be a part of a moment like the one above…

I’d love to hear your stories below!