What would you see if we stripped it all away?

Imagine for a moment, a place and time where the playing fields are leveled and everyone was equal. Where status, followers, material wealth, family, appearance, dress size and social economics went unseen and you were seen for simply being YOU.

Would you join a community that stands for natural, pure, authenticity? Here we leave our “masks” and judgment at the door and simply show up- confidently in our own space and let ourselves to be SEEN for who we ARE.


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Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that's when you're most beautiful.

-Zoe Kravitz


If you took off the mask- would you be ok with what you see?

Born out of a passion & heart for seeing teen girls experience their own beauty in a new way- I began photographing them without makeup in exchange, I promised I wouldn't "enhance" or retouch their images in any way.

In these Five Ten sessions I created magazine quality portraits of teens that had the courage to risk being seen and let their beauty shine naturally.

Over the years it grew from teens to their mothers and other adult women- leading the way and setting an example for the younger generations.


I’m on a mission to photograph 100 ladies of all ages with the same commitment.

in 2019 I will publish a coffe table book filled with a  collection of these black and white portraits along with the stories from the brave women & girls I've photographed.