What to Wear

Once your session is booked you’ll receive guidance in the arena of Wardrobe selections. Each session is a custom curation based on my clients needs and desires so the generic answer is- I’ll give you guidelines and direction to suit your needs and meet your vision.

How long does a session last

Anywhere from 1 hour to half a day! This all depends on the type of session and number of people involved. Headshot sessions and those with young kids are always an hour or less. Pure Portrait sessions typically last 2-3 hours while Black Label Experiences can last half a day if we have multiple women and their loved ones join us.

Is hair and makeup required?

Absolutely not! Our Pure Portraits and Bare Beauty really highlight your natural or every-day look and bring a slightly more lifestyle feel and look to the imagery while the Black Label sessions typically include some more glamorous, stylized or sensual imagery and it’s here we also love adding an additional layer of pampering and creativity to your look with hair and makeup!

Can I just have my digitals?

Every portrait you select will come with its matching digital and every portrait enlargement for your wall will also include that digital file. Once you experience the magic of seeing the beauty of your portraits in print you’ll realize how special having a 300 year, hand printed portrait really is.

But I'm just not photogenic, I don't take good pictures...

If I had a dollar for each time I heard a woman apologize for her lack of ___, I would have retired at 30. We’re so hard on ourselves and too quick to apologize for something we believe might be true- but is it? I believe that all are photogenic- it’s simply the experience and comfort level you feel in front of the camera that directly impacts the final result of your imagery. My job is to welcome you into the studio, take the time to discover who you are and converse with you- to set you at ease while you’re being photographed- tricking you into suddenly being “photogenic” in front of my camera- resulting in (what could be) the most beautiful photographs you’ve ever seen of yourself!

Do you have gift cards available

Yes! I am SO glad you asked! I have beautiful gift cards waiting to be sent to your loved ones, friends and family. The gift of a portrait experience is a gift that will give for decades to come. Click here for more details

I love your glam pictures, but I don’t have any fancy dresses

Let me tell you- you’re in luck! I have an entire wardrobe rack and closet bursting at the seams with beautiful gowns! If we don’t have the right dress- we beg, borrow, steal (ok not really) and rent a gown and dress that fits your vision and personna perfectly. Bring me your inspiration and I’ll bring your idea to life!

Can I do a session in my home or outside?

Clients that book Black Label Experiences are given the opportunity to shoot outside of the studio! Your home, your neighbors rose garden, downtown, your favorite hotel, or hey- even Paris! The choice is yours and the options are endless.

Are weekend appointments available?

Yes. Though I have discovered Mondays and Fridays are great days for my clients to book their shoots, I do offer a few weekends each month for portrait sessions. Black Label and multi-person sessions are given priority to these dates. If weekends are your ONLY option- I encourage booking at least 2 months in advance!


You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.

- Oprah Winfrey