Ten Years in the Making | Berry College Wedding {Mount Berry, Ga}

It was a gorgeous Winter day. The air was fresh and crisp, the grass green and the sun shining. It's a day they'd awaited nearly 10 years for. High school sweethearts their love grew through college and once they graduated they continued to support one another in their endeavors but the timing wasn't quite right... Rebecca would have to wait patiently... and finally when she least expected it Daniel asked her to be his wife. Rebecca is not only beautiful but she's complete her nurse practitioners certification at North Georgia State while she lives and still works as a nurse in Marietta (I call that dedication!). Daniel is equally committed not only to Rebecca but to working hard to prepare and provide the very best for Rebecca.

Their wedding took place at Berry College, it's always beautiful and their wedding day was no exception!

Thank you Rebecca and Daniel for the honor of being your photographer and documenting such a beautiful story. Your joy and excitement is contagious and I wish you all the very best in your lives together.