Reality and Dreams (Hawaii)

Reality is starting to sink in. I've talked about it for months- I've counted down the weeks and now it's here. I'm on my first flight of many I'll be making this month. I'm going to Hawaii… it's easy to say but then as I was packing my bags it hit me. My dreams are coming true.. I'll be experiencing the white sand beaches, the Hawaiian breeze and beautiful lays in just a matter of days!

I don't know what I'm most excited about- I'm beyond honored that Carrie and Daryl pinched their pennies- wore the paint off the buttons of their calculator and made personal sacrifices so that I could be there with them as they exchange their vows… so that I could the THEIR photographer IN Hawaii. Like seriously- are you kidding me? Leaves me speechless when I think about it.

Im looking forward to experiencing this land called Hawaii- I've heard so much about. From the white sand to the black sand to the tropics and the mountains… seeing the ocean and the mountains and the beach all at the same time. (Did I mention they're also taking me along for a full day tour of the island? Oh- and I'm the designated photographer- how fun is that? Word is I'll be in a picture or two- (per Carrie) I guess it's imporant I have pictures of myself in paradise too!)

I'm stoked to visit Pearl Harbor. I'm not much of a history buff- it was actually my least favorite subject in school but when history comes to life and I'm not just reading the pages of a text book- I love it. Pearl Harbor has been on my bucket list since high school and I can't wait to see and experience that piece of our American History.

We'll be snorkeling as well- Lydia and I have big plans for our day off- laying on the beach, snorkeling, Pearl Harbor and maybe even an early morning of Whale watching.

What an amazing way to kick of the 2012 wedding season- literally- we are livin' the dream!