Cute, Sweet and Sincere | {Atlanta Wedding Photographer}

To everyone else it was obvious He liked Her... but she remained oblivious. Sure he was cute, sweet, sincere and it seemed as though he enjoyed chatting with her but it wasn't until her sorority sister interrupted their conversation to pull her aside and ask who this guy she was chatting with was. Why? It was clear that he really liked her and he was super cute. Stephanie didn't see what her friend saw and it wasn't until one of his fraternity brothers gave her a ride home that night and invited her to the Fraternity's Christmas party because he thought Chad really liked her because he'd never seen him act that way around a girl before. Twice in one night? She accepted the invitation to the Christmas Party and she'd soon discover that was the night her life would be changed forever. They spent the rest of their college years together and then went their separate ways in "the real world" but stayed together. After one of Chad's visits to Atlanta they had loads of fun as they always do when they are together but she realized this trip was different- she noticed just how relaxed and comfortable she was around him but this time she also realized she started to trust him with everything... including her heart... it was that weekend she realized she could really spend the rest of her life with this guy.

It was late one night, she was tired from a long day at work and traveling up to see him. Dressed comfortably in jeans and a hoodie and really only wishing to go to bed once they arrived at his house he took her back outside into the cold on the patio and she couldn't figure out why... until she looked up and saw the fence around the backyard. It was lit up with Christmas lights and spelled out were the words, Will You Marry me.

As I left the house and said goodbye to my husband he asked where I was headed... to shoot an engagement session I replied. He looked up at me and said I was crazy- a downpour was expected at any minute... Sure I may have been crazy, but I was hopeful we'd have at least 10 minutes to grab a couple of pictures of Stephanie and Chad. He was in town to visit and this was our only chance to make things work. With a 70% chance of rain and showers on and off all day the odds were against us but we pushed forward. As we hurried in a race against the rain we noticed the skies going from black and gray to light blue... there were breaks in the clouds and before long the sun started to peek out. I would have never guessed we'd end the afternoon with bright sunshine but I was So thankful we'd avoided the rain that afternoon!

Addison is such a sweet dog. They picked her out together as a puppy and she's gladly become a part of their story. I'd say she's pretty talented and quite photogenic herself too. This pup even winks!

love this!

Thank you Stephanie and Chad for being adventurous enough to take a chance on a dreary afternoon and share your story, smiles and love with me. The best is yet to come!