Another Fabulous Giveaway.. it's all about Prime Shipping

Way to go everyone! I’m overwhelmed with the response of SO many people jumping on board! Congratulations to Jennifer Campbell on winning the $20 Starbucks card! Day #2 won’t let you down…

One of my goals for this new blog is to not only be a platform for showcasing the beautiful stories I capture but to also have a more personal side of the blog. From Maggie Mondays to sharing about my favorite things I enjoy on a daily basis and once in awhile I may even answer some of the questions I get asked most about the life I lead being a photographer.

Today’s giveaway comes from a site I’m not sure how my husband and I would live without.

Several months ago I got to the point where I dreaded going to Wal-Mart- unless it was late at night to people watch it just became a place I despised. It may be because every time I decided to run over and get a few household necessities everyone else in Cobb county also needed to be at Wal-Mart and the aisles were congested and dirty, the shelves were empty and check out lines were never ending. A quick trip to the store and 90 minutes later I’d pull back into my driveway. Yes- I could go to Target- I never understood why so many people’s preference was for “Tarja” until I lived in the city but then thanks to my husband I discovered 2 things.

  2. Prime Shipping

Amazon- need I say more. We order just about everything from toothpaste to razors, hand soap and most cleaning supplies from this site. The list goes on for my business- I always price things against Amazon- from printers to legal paper, pens, packaging supplies and more. Any order over $25 ships free!

That's where Prime shipping comes in. Prime shipping is $79 per year. If you do much shopping online you’ll realize that’s a small price to pay for a year of FREE Prime shipping or 2 day guaranteed shipping on everything and anything that qualifies. It's a beautiful thing when you're placing a small order- a package of pens, some post it notes, laundry detergent and even shampoo.

So if you haven’t checked out Amazon do yourself a favor and do it now- but before you leave make sure you enter to win the $25 gift card we’re giving away!

Here’s how you enter to win:

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To be sure your entries are accounted for leave a comment or two below. A limit of 4 entries per person per day will be counted.

Best of luck and be sure to check back tomorrow to see if you won!


**I am not sponsored by Amazon- I'm just an avid user of the site**