He was Tall Dark and Handsome | {Berry College Wedding Photographer}

Within moments of meeting Jeannene and Gus it was clear they absolutely love having a good time and can't help but laugh and smile when they are together. I was excited ecstatic when I received Jeanenne's email. I may have even done a little happy dance and then was completely humbled as she told such a sweet story of her and Gus: "While working there, I was re-acquainted with a dark, handsome guy named Gus Pacheco. The first time I actually met him was at Berry's orientation program - I was his SOAR leader (which would make us laugh a lot later). At Connect Rome, I slowly got to know Gus as he was/is in the band as the drummer. Hanging out with the band guys a lot in the Fall of 2010, he rode with me one night to Mountain Campus at Berry where we were all hanging out and that was when we knew God was orchestrating something for us. Gus straight-up asked me what I wanted in a relationship. As a girl who hadn't dated anyone before, with confidence, I said "I want to be with someone where together we are better for the Kingdom, than if we were separate." The rest was history. We started dating on January 3, 2010 and he proposed on our one-year anniversary on January 3, 2011. Random tidbits about us: we love NCIS, going to the movies, are Gator fans, love going to the barn to see/ride my horse, trendy clothes, Nikes, flat bill hats, scarves, and love Jesus! We are planning to get married this summer and this is where you come in!"

She then told me when they were planning to get married and that they would be willing to plan their wedding around my availability. Wow. It's always an honor to be welcomed into someone's love story- for them to share the intricate details of what makes them unique and how they fell in love and then to have the exclusive privilege to tell that story but when a couple is willing to plan their big day Around MY schedule... that's simply quite humbling.

So it's quite simple to say that from the first email forward I was over the moon to be their photographer... and the more I learned about this couple the more excited and honored I became to be their wedding photographer.

From the first time Jeannene brought Gus to the barn he jumped in with learning how to help care for Dude. Dude is a special guy in Jeannene's life as she's had him since she was 12 years old so it meant a lot to see Gus be so eager to spend time at the barn with them.

so sometimes Gus and Dude butt heads...

one thing is for certain... these two can't help but smile when they are together.

remember those hot days of "Spring" that felt more like the beginning of Summer? Yep- this particular afternoon was one of those days and these two were champs despite the Spring heat!

I'm absolutely in love with this!

on a rare occasion they can both be serious and they are equally talented in rocking that look too.

so their friend painted this piece of old wood for them... what a cool and unique piece of art they'll have to hang in their home!

I just love when everything works together to create something a little mysterious, a little fun and super unique. That's exactly what happen for the next picture.

love this. Love them!

So this shows just how lucky Gus is to be marrying Jeannene. We hiked into the field for sunset pictures and I was wearing a dress and my flats while she had her boots and jeans on. Once we got out to our location of choice we looked down and saw a tick and a chigger. Yes- the luck of tall grass the rain the night before and warm weather. I did my best to play cool all while thinking I really hope I'm lucky enough to not take any of these little bugs home with me! Jeannene was sweet enough to offer up her boots while I stomped through the tall grass and they chilled out on the blanket. SO a very special thanks to Jeannene for being so sweet as to lend me her boots!

Lesson learned: always carry a pair of boots in the car when shooting in fields of tall grass.

Thank you both for such a wonderful afternoon, for sharing your hearts and your love for one another so freely in front of my camera and for trusting me with the honor of being your wedding photographer. Can't wait until June!!