Her Desire for Cleanliness is Abnormal {Maggie Mondays}

Clean. She loves to be clean. Actually she doesn’t care about the cleanliness as much as she does about the shower. You can mention the 5 letter word in passing and her ears perk up and she stands at attention – eagerly anticipating your next move.

If you indicate any sign that you're standing up or take that first step toward the sacred spot she takes off racing towards the bedroom- jumps onto the bed and patiently sits at attention waiting for you to catch up.

She loves her “jewelry” (name given to her coller and name tag) but she’s also smart enough to know it comes off right before she gets to jump in so she sits and waits staring at you with her perfected puppy dog gaze... and how could you ever say no to that?

Once her coller is off she takes off into the bathroom and eagerly awaits to be let into the shower.

Once you join her, she eagerly takes her place between your feet, and if she's feeling so inclined she may even lay down to rest.

What happens if you happen to say no to her puppy dog gaze and eagerness to shower??

then she sits just outside the shower to make sure you can see her and pouts. Staring you down to make sure your eyes meet and you feel bad for not inviting her in.

She hasn't only perfected her efforts in gaining a spot in the shower on a semi-daily basis (or daily basis if she's having a really great week)

Her name is Maggie and she's mastered the refined skill of taking multiple showers a day – simply by showing equal excitement to either my husband and I- regardless of how recent her last bath may have been.