His Cheerleader | {Athens Engagement Session}

Oh my goodness I don't if I've ever been this excited about sharing a love story or had quite this much fun shooting an engagement session. I love couples who are up for anything and aren't afraid to step outside the box and do something different. Such is the case for Casey and Michael. She'd asked months ago if they could do their engagement session up at his family's cabin in North Georgia and offered that we make a weekend of it. She knew me well- an excuse to get out of the city and go into the mountains mixed with some hiking a cabin mixed with great company needless to say it didn't take much convincing and I was all in. Casey cheered for Georgia so it was only appropriate that we stop and get a few pictures at the stadium. This was actually my first time to see the Georgia stadium and I was perfectly happy imagining the chaos of game days!

Sometimes it takes risking life and limb to get the shot... we'll just say I was precariously balanced on the bridge and then a bus came through... I'm glad to say everyone survived and the pictures were a grand success!

beautiful, yummy, warm, gorgeous light mixed with a super sweet couple. Magical goodness!

One day after Bible Study a group of mutual friends went to lunch together- Casey was reluctant to go but Michael insisted (they didn't know each other at the time). His charm worked and he convinced her to go she had a great time and started to hang out a little more with time and they continued to chat via Facebook. Who needs a girls number when you have Facebook?

He asked her to lunch- it was suppose to be their first initial date but some co-workers also showed up for lunch making the situation super awkward for Michael and simply hilarious for Casey. So what was intended to be a "formal date" turned into something much more casual and light hearted. Their 2 hour conversation felt more like 10 minutes and they both quickly realized they had SO much in common! It wasn't until the following week and another lunch date that Michael would have the opportunity to pay for lunch and make it an official date... and ask Casey to be his girlfriend.

Absolutely love these the light and the love these two share... wowza.

Needless to say these two love to laugh, smile and have a good time.

absolutely LOVE this. These two share the sweetest hugs!

They both share a love for Jesus and a love and respect for one another. Michael truly cherishes this beautiful lady that's soon to be his wife and I can say it was evident in his every interaction with her.

So as we were headed to dinner we passed by this field and there was a full moon... I couldn't help but say ask them to pull over... oh I'm so glad we did!

I couldn't see a thing it was so dark... they are such naturals and thanks to Michael's iPhone skills what I had envisioned came to life.

Before we left town to head to the cabin we stopped at the arches. She hasn't passed through them yet as graduation is just weeks away so Michael and I took a couple of passes for her. :) I've seen the "arch" picture done so many ways I wanted to do something different for them... so we did it at night. You should have seen the looks we were getting!

Thank you Casey and Michael for sharing in so many laughs and for such a fantastic afternoon and weekend. To all their friends- be sure to check back this afternoon for part 2 of their story!

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