His Cheerleader Part 2 | {Athens Engagement Pictures}

Welcome to part 2! If you missed part one check it out here. So we headed up into the mountains Friday night and arrived at the most beautiful cabin... we had such a great time chatting and hanging out I really didn't want the night to end. Michael showed me the "Georgia den" needless to say it's clear his family are die hard Georgia fans and wouldn't you know all the pictures on the walls of the "big moments" were their wins against the Gators. You might remember I in fact cheer for the Gators but for the time being I kinda kept that on the down low...

Sunrise was absolutely beautiful- no road noise, no sirens, just birds singing. So peaceful and so beautiful! I watched as the sun came out and the fog rolled out... I could have sat on that front porch all day long.

In February and March when I had my month long traveling expedition I kinda missed Spring as it came REALLY early. Thankfully we found some beautiful dogwood trees (my favorite) that were at their peak and I couldn't help but take advantage of them!

This huge red barn was beautiful from the road and as we rolled into the parking lot we discovered it was the recycling station for the school. They did a great job disguising their trash!

Trash and all- I'd have to say it worked quite well to make some super fun pictures.

Casey you are fierce!

I don't know that I've ever met another couple whose joy is more true and sincere than Casey and Michael. Each and every time they caught each other's gaze you could just see and feel the love they share and their excitement to spend their lives together.

Special thanks to the sweet owner of Sylvan Falls Mill, we started on the road and she came outside and welcomed us into her garden.

They share a love for the outdoors, for hiking and water falls. Michael proposed at the top of Tallulah Gorge but earlier in the day they had visited Minnehaha Falls. So we took a little hike in again and I'm ever so glad we did!

Simply beautiful.

Her ring is so beautiful!

The day they were engaged they read the Bible together so we brought it back and Michael read for us while we took pictures.

Being a gymnast Casey doesn't mind balancing out on the logs... Michael wasn't quite as excited to go walking across the log over the river... even with her encouragement.

but he eventually gave it a shot and I'm so glad he did!

and then they both nearly fell in!

Tallulah Gorge was a pretty popular place Saturday... but even despite there being plenty of other folks around I absolutely love the pictures we were able to get!

This may be one of my favorites.

"He loves me so much he could eat me too". -Casey

You hike down over 300 stairs to get to this bridge... thankfully the weather was perfect and we still looked good at the bottom!

I'll end with another favorite... be sure to check out their slideshow below for even more pictures and look for their wedding website to launch very, very soon!