I'll admit... today you get to WIN!

I’m so excited about everything I have planned for the upcoming weeks and months.. it’s going to be a journey I can promise you won’t want to miss! To jumpstart our giveaways I’m going to share my first “dirty little secret”.

I held out for 26 years and 6 months. Everyone else seems like they’re addicted to this stuff… in fact some people spend hundreds of dollars a month to get their daily (or tri-daily extra large fix).

My grandpa always said I was the best at making his morning drink of choice (what grandpa would think any differently of his granddaughter… right?) but for as many pots as I made I’d always shudder at the smallest taste.

…and then one day out of desperation to stay awake and get things done I broke down and ordered a small cup- but it wasn’t black. Nope it was disguised with whole milk and my favorite ice cream topping: caramel.

Can you guess what it is yet?  I love the way it smells and now I’ll admit I can tolerate its taste- but only when its blended with real milk and not the low-fat stuff. (I’ll use that for my cereal but whole milk is required for my coffee). I’m not a daily user… but I’ll admit the flavor and coffee house experience is growing on me... who woulda ever guessed!?

So today’s give away is a $20 Starbucks gift card (I prefer the smaller boutique coffee shops or Caribou Coffee in a pinch- but I know Starbucks is everywhere!)



Here’s how you enter to win:

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To be sure your entries are accounted for leave a comment for each item you complete. A limit of 4 entries per person per day will be counted.

Best of luck and be sure to check back tomorrow to see if you won!