Where it all began | {Charleston South Carolina Wedding Pictures}

Where to even begin.. I first met Courtney at Nikki's bachelorette party. I'd be traveling with her to the Bahamas weeks later for her wedding and she invited me so I'd have an opportunity to meet the girls before the big trip. We had such a great time I didn't know it then but Nikki's wedding would lead to Courtney's wedding. Both destination weddings, both on or near beaches.. my heart's delight! Courtney and Keith are such a fun and snazzy couple. They met while selling time shares in Charleston... she was in the "sales" area and he worked as a "closer". Yea- he was "that guy" who came and gave you a great deal you just can't pass up! Kidding aside together they are truly spectacular. It's in the little glances Keith passes her way, and while some may go unseen she knows without a doubt this man is smitten.

Keith is now following in his father's footsteps and saves lives as a fireman in Gwinnett County. Courtney works at the bank. They've moved to Atlanta where they'll reside together upon their return from Cabos and LA and while their lives may look drastically different than they did when they began what's most important still remains.

They have the love and support of many amazing friends and a wonderful family. They continue to share in laughter and their best Zoolander  impressions. And now they have each other and know without a doubt that no matter what life throws their way they'll come through it together and be stronger for it on the other side.

Courtney you are absolutely beautiful from the inside out and Keith you are one lucky man. I was so honored to be there to share in such a beautiful wedding celebration and consider myself even more fortunate to call you both friends. I only wish you the best in the rest of your lives together!

Onto the wedding day.. the girls got ready at a beautiful beach house (sweet!) add some rustic decor and it nothing less than perfect!

Our morning view... doesn't get better than this!

Courtney actually wore her mother's wedding dress. It was absolutely perfect and fit her beautifully.

a few last minuted adjustment needed to be made.

I just want to say Courtney should truly win the "most amazing bride" award if there is one. The morning was cloudy then the sun would shine but then the clouds moved in and just as we headed out to do pictures the bottom fell out of the clouds. She looked at me and said, "I trust you... let's make this happen". The only covered area was the narrow balcony on one side of the house... and you'd have no idea by looking at these pictures it's a downpour just beyond such a beautiful bride.

Simply stunning.

Thankfully though once we drove to Mt. Pleasant the rain had cleared and we were able to enjoy the rest of their portraits.

They shared such a sweet first look. Keith was so anxious and excited to see Courtney... so sweet.

I love the expression Lydia caught. Love.

I kept telling Keith if the firefighting doesn't work out I'm pretty confident he could be successful as a model. He didn't seem too interested. ;)

I was so excited we were able to get the Charleston Bridge in a few of their pictures!

This could be my favorite of the day.

Beautiful details.

such a fun wedding party!

Confidence is such a beautiful thing.. and these girls have that and more!

Jackson was such a cute little ring bear and loved tagging along with "the big guys".

I'm absolutely in love with this shot Lydia grabbed right before the ceremony.

After the ceremony we headed off to the reception and took advantage of the beautiful light and the beach!

My angle.


He is as mischievous as he looks here...

this is what happens when sand is being thrown in front of your lens... (I told you that little guy wasn't nearly as innocent as he looks!)

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