Where it all began Vol. 2 | {Charleston South Carolina Wedding Pictures}

When Keith and Courtney met at work they most likely never dreamed they'd move away from Charleston- together or return to be married and begin the rest of their lives- together. They experienced every type of weather on their wedding day from the sun shining through their afternoon after it had been cloudy and rained that morning. Don't miss the story about how these two met and fell in love along with all the beautiful pictures from the first part of their wedding here. Go ahead- I'll wait for ya!

Just as we were wrapping up group pictures on the beach everyone started laughing... as one of the groomsmen chased his son (the ring bear) down the beach. That little guy was really quick sand and all and seemed to love the idea of having a good "chase"!

On the return from the beach- I couldn't help but not share such a sweet and beautiful moment.

A special thanks goes to Lydia, my amazing associate who went ahead to the reception to capture the detail shots.

The cake was beautiful and it was quite tipsy up on its stand so we took great care in turning it around for the picture and then making sure it was returned to its original position after we had finished. The room was so much more beautiful and dramatic than the wall behind it... our efforts definitely paid off!

Courtney was a dancer. She was captain of champion dance teams and she absolutely glowed while being on the dance floor doing her thing.

Her dad's speech was addressed to the "B and G" and between highlighting their younger years and it was enjoyed by everyone.


loved this bouquet toss!

Baby Ray enjoyed the part as well, his proud mama Nikki (our mutual friend and where Courntey and I's story all began) and Courtney are pretty excited to meet him!

The band did such a great job keeping the dance floor full and everyone entertained all night long.

Courtney and her girls had a little Flash Mob ready to surprise everyone with... So fun!

Courtney and Keith- you guys are such an amazing couple and I'm so honored to call ya'll friends. I can't wait to catch up once you're back in town!

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