Enjoying Paradise | {Waimanalo Day After Session, Oahu Hawaii}

It was a hit or miss chance that we'd wake up to another gorgeous Hawaiian Sunrise on Sunday morning... it was  late night for them both without the jet lag but they were determined to make every minute count while in Hawaii. In fact- if you know this couple you'd also know this pretty much sums up the way they live life... making the most of every minute they are given. Saturday they exchanged their vows in a simple and heartfelt ceremony with their family- so much love was shared that day. Sunday morning we woke up bright and early and as the sun came over the horizon it was beautiful, maybe not as magnificent as the morning before but still simply gorgeous mixed with the driftwood, the mountains and the beach.

Waimanalo Beach is beautiful as is everything in Hawaii and once the sun peaked over the island mountain we enjoyed the misty and cloudy morning it was as the waves crashed upon the shore... it seemed as though everything in life was perfect.

The water tried to overtake Carrie a couple of times...

love this.

Once we had seen the sunrise on the beach we went just over the mountain (behind them) to crash on some volcanic rocks. The wind was fierce on that side of the mountain and the ocean breaking over the rocks caused a fine ocean mist to hang in the air... making shooting incredibly difficult. Between wiping the lens clean and Carrie fighting the wind... she did her thing while Daryl observed such a beautiful and vast ocean and sight.


the mist does give a romantic softness though.. that I love!


Carrie and Daryl- you guys are amazing. Thank you again for such an amazing opportunity to witness your wedding in paradise! Much love to you both!