A big Heart | Maggie Mondays

Maggie has the biggest heart and I know I'm a little bias as her mama but I think she's about the cutest thing ever.

When I traveled home last month to see my grandparents Maggie came along.. she's the best traveler. She came on the plane with me and didn't cry or whine at all. No drugs.. just a good heart. She's happy as long as she's near someone she knows.

Grandpa was surprised to see her and excited at the same time. The last time they'd seen each other was at our wedding when she was just a pup, (although she hasn't grown that much) and although he loves dogs he's never been around a dog that lives indoors. :) He wasn't so sure of her when we arrived but throughout the week she definitely worked her Maggie magic on him and he really didn't want to see her go. She had an open invitation to stay but I assured him if I returned home without the dog my husband would send me straight back to Nebraska to get her! :)(We'd miss our Maggie way too much!)

Just before we left Maggie said good bye... in the way she loves sharing love with everyone she knows... lots of slobbery kisses!

She LOVED the freedom of being outside- off a leash to run free and roam. The cooler weather was also much enjoyed as she spent much less time panting and more time running.

Another pretty amazing thing about Maggie is the way she's so gentle with kids. She also seems to understand when she can be super energetic and playful and when she needs to be gentle. We spent the morning with little Luke man and his sister while we were in Denver. Luke is such a beautiful little guy but he's also a very special guy. While his beautiful mother was still carrying him she got sick with a virus... a virus that they would soon find out after he was born, that lead to part of his brain not fully developing. Luke is alert, fully cognitive and has the most beautiful smile but his muscles don't function as they should so he's left paralyzed. His lack of muscular mobility is very similar to that of a quadriplegic. Despite his condition he's a very happy boy and loves to smile but also loves dogs and was delighted when he saw Maggie!

She was so careful with him it was really sweet but in true Maggie fashion she had to sneak in a give him some Maggie kisses. Luke didn't mind one bit!

Dogs make the greatest companions and it's really neat to see just how aware they are of the feelings and moods of us "humans". Always in check with what is going on and right there beside you for extra love and support when needed.

Maggie always loves meeting new friends... and rest assured she'll be happy to share some of her Maggie kisses.