A Fairy Tale Beginning | {North Georgia Wedding Photographer}

The day had finally arrived. Amanda's wedding day was here. She's a girl who fancied fairy tales later in life and didn't mind being at Snow White's dinner with other girls less than half her age. Maybe it was because she'd found her prince charming, her own fairy tale ending. Amanda contacted me over a year ago about her wedding but it was pushed back due to her father's illness. I've not been more inspired by any other bride and she will always have a special place in my heart. She has a huge heart and posses strength and courage like I've never seen before. Just a couple of weeks before the wedding I was finally able to meet her prince charming- Nick. He's her rock and her safe place... they've already weathered more in life together than most young couples and it's that strength they've built with each other that will carry them through their married lives together.

It was a gorgeous Saturday morning at Windermere Golf Club. I met her sweet mom at the elevators as she was working to finish some floral decor and she welcomed us with hugs and tears of excitement and appreciation. Such a warm welcome- I hope she knew I was equally excited and honored to be sharing in her daughter's wedding.

Brides and Blooms did a fantastic job with the bouquets and gorgeous towering floral decor for the reception.

Amanda was given a gift after her father passed of a necklace with his fingerprint. She tied this to her bouquet and also used his Bible as the ring bear's "pillow".

Her sweet mom, Cathy, was busy getting everything ready but caught word we were outside and Amanda was taking pictures... and she couldn't help but come see her daughter as a bride. I absolutely love her reaction... priceless. :)

Ladies. you are all Fierce!

beautiful flowers right!?

just as Nick though he was going to get a hug or kiss from this little guy... he stuck out his tongue!

a good looking' groom with a great group groomsmen

We had so much fun with the wedding party... as we were taking pictures of the guys suddenly there were blurs of pink-

The wedding party had bets set on Nick if he'd cry... poor guy didn't stand a chance when he saw his bride!

Such a beautiful late afternoon.. I LOVE outdoor weddings!

sooo happy to be married!

Lydia captured this and I just LOVE it!

such a sweet mother-son dance.

Everyone let a lantern go and made a wish for Amanda and Nick... they were so beautiful matched with the Super Moon!

And they were off!

but not without a surprise awaiting them at the end!

Amanda and Nick I wish you all the best and know you guys will continue to encourage and inspire those around you. It was such an honor and privilege to be a part of your day and I can't wait to hear about your week in Jamaica!! Much love!

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