A surprise proposal | {North Georgia Wedding Photographer}

I've known Jason since we were in college. We met via some mutual friends and my last semester in college he was actually a housemate. (We split the duties taking care of Steve, a quadriplegic) Jason is one of the sweetest and most caring guys I've met and I distinctly remember the night I returned home from my last first date... the night I met my husband. I remember feeling like I was on cloud nine and coming into the living room and sharing the story with Jason. I couldn't have been more excited when I got a call a couple of weeks ago from Jason. He was planning to propose to his girlfriend, Kelly and wanted to know if I was available to do 2 things. One bring their furry child, Mya and 2- capture the proposal with my camera.

As Jason shared about Kelly he said they met online... I guess he mustered up the courage to create a profile online after I met my husband there as well. It's true that it was a grand success for us both and I couldn't be more excited for Kelly and Jason.

Kelly didn't want anyone to know about the proposal before it happened... so I was one of three people (the guy at the jewelry store, Jason and myself) that knew it was happening Sunday the 5th... what a sweet honor.

I had gone to grab their "keys" out of my car (ok- that was legit.. I forgot his apartment keys..) but at the same time I had to hurry and grab the camera as I only had seconds before Jason was going to pop the question!

I tried my best not to be too distracting... or give anything away as he pulled the ring out of his pocket and she said YES.

So excited and SO happy!

Congrats you guys! Kelly- it was so great to meet you and I'm so happy that you guys found each other. I wish you all the best in the coming weeks, months and years ahead!