Dear Amanda | {Atlanta Wedding Photographer}

Dear Amanda, Where to even begin? You've experienced so much in the last year from tremendous joy to heartbreaking loss. You are such an inspiration to me. Your positive outlook on dreary days- when most others couldn't possibly see anything positive at all caused me to step back and be in awe of your courage and your strength. I'm so thankful you've been a part of my life and consider myself blessed to know you and call you a friend.

Guess what... Today is your wedding day! You're getting your fairytale after all and though it may not be exactly as you'd imagined, hope and believed until the very end it would be- I know that what counts most is that you'll get your happy ever after with the one man who has already stood by your side and been your rock and held you while you cried when you didn't think you could cry anymore.

Today this man will become your husband. I'm so incredibly honored to document this day. A day full of overwhelming excitement, joy, anticipation and love. A day where I know your beauty will shine from your heart and those you love most will be right beside you- to celebrate you starting your life with this man you love most. I also know today- deep down inside there may be a moment where you shed some tears for the person who can't be here... the person whose hand you held and prayed would be able to walk you down that aisle. I also know that he'd be so proud. Proud of the daughter you are- proud of the woman you've become- proud that you've kept marching on and continued to find the joys in life to smile and laugh about- proud that you've continued to lift others up and that you're such a giving and loving person.

Amanda- you are going to be such a radiant bride. This is your day to celebrate- the day you've awaited and planned for and looked forward to for so many years. Cherish it. Cherish those around you and soak in every single moment. Continue to love fiercely, to laugh and to allow yourself to cry. I have no doubt you'll make the best of it.

Ill see you oh so soon! xoxo- Tessa

Nick- you're marrying such a special girl (I know you already know this). Treasure her heart, protect it and don't take her love for granted. You're such a lucky guy and she's an equally lucky girl. I'm so SO so happy for you both!!