Fairytales and Baseball | {Atlanta Engagement Pictures}

It may have been his dimple.. just like hers, or the fact they were able to have such easy conversations and talk for hours. They met online and talked via the phone for a couple of months before agreeing to a dinner date. Nick arrived early and after waiting for what felt like forever and beginning to think he'd been stood up.. Amanda came walking across the room. Immediately he saw her smile, noticed her dimple and was smitten. It was that night that he said he truly saw how beautiful and caring she truly is. He knew she was special from the start and after dinner and a movie together on their second date... they watched the movie from opposite ends of the couch and it wasn't until it was over Nick worked up the courage to slide a little closer.. and then, out of no where he took advantage of the opportunity to steal a kiss from this beautiful girl he was quickly falling for. It caught her by surprise but in a good way... she was equally in awe of what a sweet guy she'd been lucky enough to find.

They discovered they shared a passion for baseball- specifically the Braves. They both love dogs, Cheesecake Factory and Jesus. Amanda Loves love, being loved and loving others. Oh- and she also loves to share in a good laugh and after spending the afternoon with them it was clear they enjoy not taking life to seriously and laughing together- often.

Nick knew Amanda had this love for Disney and Fairy tales and Princesses... and so on a little vacation to Disney world he proposed in front of Cinderella's castle. For Amanda it couldn't have been more perfect... she now had her own fairytale and this was just the beginning to something wonderful...


















You guys are amazing- I absolutely loved spending the afternoon with you and can't wait to see where life takes you together. :) Never loose sight of your smiles and laughter!