My trip to Nebraska | {Maggie Mondays}

So a couple of months ago my mom stuffed me into this itty bitty kennel. I hate the thing... but I had not choice. Little did I know it was in my intrest and just a few hours later we were surrounded by hundreds of other people. I didn't care as long as I could see her- I knew I was safe. Did I mention I really don't like that black cage... so a couple of hours into the flight I started pouting and whining so she took me into her lap. Thankfully that lady walking the aisles was nice and said even though we were breaking some sort of rules she liked me and she'd let it slide. I gave her extra kisses for her kind words. Back into the cage until we were ready with a car... did I mention I love car rides? Well- car rides when I'm in the drivers lap. That way if anything happens I'm there to help of course. Typically though once we start humming down the road I curl up into a little ball and rest... doggie dreams are the best.

It wasn't long for me I was sleeping.. but she said we'd driven over 5 hours and we arrived. There were so many new smells.. dirt and grass for as far as I could see and lots of strange noises that I didn't care much for. Then there was a new house to explore... but I thought it was my home and the people inside were intruders so I barked really loud and mean. I had to protect my mom after all. It took me awhile to warm up to these new people but when it was time to leave I'd realized these were some pretty cool great granddog parents and I wished I could stay with them longer.

this is where I reside when traveling in the car. Peacefully.

yep- I spent lots of time here. But that's ok- car rides my favorite!

caught red handed. looks like both granddogpa and I were both exhausted...

It wasn't just the endless fields of grass, open fields and never having to wear my leash that made this week one of the best in my entire life... did I mention I also enjoyed a steak bone? It doesn't get much better than that!

Granddogpa wasn't convinced he needed a little Maggie to keep him company when I arrived... but after he saw how polite I was and clean and how I loved chasing my ball and toys... his heart softened just a bit and he actually wanted to keep me. My mom said I coudln't stay because my dogdad woudln't be very happy with me. I told him maybe for christmas I'd get my cousin to come live with him... until I see him again I made sure and leave him with a long wet kiss. Love ya pops. xoxo Maggie!