The Little Things | {Decatur Engagement Pictures}

It may not have been front seats at the Olympic softball match but it was a softball game that brought these two together. Mary Catherine lived with her friend and roommate, Jo. Jo worked with Ben and thought they might be a good match and decided a casual get together at the softball fields would be a fantastic first introduction of Ben and Mary Catherine. As the evening progressed, Ben's friend actually talked to this cute girl more than he did leaving her with the impression that he just wasn't interested. Little did she know Ben actually did like her and looked forward to seeing her again.

It wasn't until they had the chance to hang out again with Jo and a few other friends and then spent a couple of weeks exchanging emails that Ben would "finally" ask her out.

That Summer they enjoyed watching the Olympics together on tv, visiting  Amelia Island with her family and going to Willys at least once a week for Mexican.

They simply enjoy spending time together... enjoying the simple things in life and and as Ben said, "Mary Catherine likes cooking and I like eating her cooking".

Ben and Mary Catherine you guys are such a sweet couple and we had so much fun spending time with you and being able to bring the love you share to life!

It was a beautiful afternoon on the Decatur square...

We couldn't help but enjoy our favorite cold treats from King of Pops

Mary Catherine- you truly have the most beautiful smile and your happiness and beauty shine from the inside out.

After we finished in Decatur we headed to Agnes Scott- they have such a beautiful campus. It reminded me a lot of Berry College.

They both enjoy wine and going to wine tastings together so it only seemed fitting that they enjoy a glass together that evening.

This may be one of my favorites. Love it.

Lydia's angle...

My angle.

I'll end with my favorite picture from the session. Breathtaking.

Thank you both for such a fun afternoon- we can't wait to celebrate with you at Mason Murer this Fall!!

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