When it rains... create Magic. | {Charleston S.C. Wedding Photographer}

We went to bed and I told Lydia.. it would be perfect for tomorrow morning if we had a little sun, then some clouds and then if we could end with rain. We both kinda laughed and said, "sure in an ideal world" and went to bed. The next morning we met Courtney and Keith downtown Charleston and although it'd rained all night, the ground was wet and it was pretty humid the sun was starting to peek between the clouds. We started in a little garden area of the hotel they spent their wedding night in and then ventured out into the city.

I absolutely LOVE Charleston and so enjoyed walking the streets with these two!

Then the clouds came.. just as we had hoped and the sky grew dark...

And before we knew it the clouds opened up and it started to rain... we were prepared and brought umbrellas along so we continued to stroll through the streets.

And when it rains and mother nature cooperates sometimes... just sometimes magical moments happen that take my breath away. This was one of them: