Celebrating Lasting Love | {Atlanta Outdoor Wedding Photographer}

I've had these pictures tucked away... and I'm so excited to share them with you today! I'm blessed to be able to work for myself, to make my own schedule and when I see I have a week that isn't tied up by weddings, meetings or sessions to sneak home to visit my family. I had just put my suitcases away this Spring after I'd spent a month on the road when I got a phone call that my Grandpa had another medical scare. He'd collapsed, gone unconscious and had to be flown to the medical center for treatment. My immediate thought was, "when was the last time I called them, did I make sure they know how much I love them..." I wanted to know he was going to pull through again and he was going to be ok. Sitting over 1300 miles away there isn't much I could do but pray.

Thankfully we were blessed again and he snapped back to himself within days. The next thing I did was look at my schedule. I knew this Summer wedding season was going to be nuts and I wouldn't have a weekend off for weeks on end... so getting back home was pretty much not an option. I hadn't visited since last August and at one point going back once a year worked well but as we all grow older those giant hugs from my grandpa and sharing stories with my grandma become even more precious.

So when I saw I had a few days free in April I called Airtran to redeem my free flight and I was on my way- Nebraska bound to see my family. I spent a week at the Ranch and it was heavenly. I thought I'd be disconnected as they don't have cell service and last time I visited they were still sporting a fancy modem to get online. I was pretty shocked when I arrived to discover they not only had DSL but wireless too!

It's so calm and peaceful out there and getting to relish in time with my grandparents, helping on the ranch, driving to South Dakota to see my sister and her family made it one of the greatest weeks of the year thus far.

The week went so fast. I wasn't ready to leave but it was that time... and just before I pulled out of the drive we snapped a couple of pictures. They've been married over 45 years and I've gotta say that each time I see them they are more in love. Their love still grows each and every day. It's inspiring to see.



Grandpa has always been proud of his chimney. Their house burned in the 80's and it was then he had the stones brought in from Missouri (I believe)... but it wasn't until he built the brand and attached it to his chimney that it really took a new life of its own. So true to his request they took a picture in front of their home, but more importantly under his brand- the mark that's represented his ranch for the last 45+ years.

and after he'd shared a sweet kiss with his wife he looked at me without hesitation and said, "I've got a pretty good pucker ya know!"

Oh Grandpa... :)