My Small Family | Growing up in the Mid-West

Upon my most recent trip home I also paid a surprise visit to my immediate family (i.e. parents and siblings). I was born and raised in Nebraska- but not the part of the state where 99% of people have either A) heard of or B) know someone whose aunt's second cousin removed lives... I may be a little biased but I believe the area of Nebraska I call home is not only the most beautiful but by far the better part of the State. We don't have humidity, it snows (lots) during a typical Winter and there is more land, cattle and horses than there are people. I've grown accustomed to living in the city, (Something I also said I'd "never" do) and the convince of having a grocery store, 3 malls, target, several movie theaters and just about anything else I could ever dream within 20 minutes of my home makes me appreciate those 20 minutes all the more. Why?

Before I moved to Georgia and then moved into the city, life was slightly different...

the post office was 30 miles away and we got mail every other day "town" population of 15,00 that hosted the grocery store, doctor and movie theater was 65 miles Wal-Mart and the local one story mall sporting 20 stores was 120 miles down the 2 lane highway traffic jams were short lived and caused by either a tractor driving from point A to point B or someone's grandpa/grandma headed into town our neighbors were 3 miles up the road and you couldn't see or hear them- ever you knew the occasional truck or car that would pass by on the gravel road everyone you meet driving does the one finger wave the thunderstorms are magnificent- the clouds build up and nearly touch the top of the hills

Life was different. So though the miles are many between destinations once I land in Denver they are easy- you just set your cruise control and drive 4+ hours later you'll arrive and most likely have only met/passed/seen more tractors than cars along the way. (just be sure your rental car HAS cruise control... otherwise you may experience severe fatigue and foot cramps... lesson learned)

I remember getting my annual pictures done at school and then when I was older laying out those annuals and seeing how much I'd grown and changed over the years. My younger siblings are home schooled and don't have annual school portraits. I know how important it was for me and I hope one day when they grow up they'll look back and enjoy looking back and seeing how they changed and developed over the years as well.

Oh yes- and I'm the oldest of many... so these are just pictures of the kids who were home. :)

this is the youngest

she wanted to show off a little ;)

not only can she gallop her pony without holding on but she can crack a bull whip too.. and if you've ever tried doing this it's no small feat!

Oh and I couldn't forget about the Mags... she felt left out so I snapped a picture of her too.

and just in case you're wondering... the names of my siblings are Natosha, Wrustler, Shianna, Tashonna, Riyatta, Jennaya, Wrangler, Shakeeya, Duwrango, Tiyonna, Onnika, Javonna, Lattigo (yes I just counted to be sure I didn't leave anyone out).

So there you have it.. a little taste of life in Western Nebraska and a peek into my "small" family.