Pure Love, Joy & Excitement | Villa Serena Wedding {Outdoor Wedding Photographer}

It was the day I've waited months for but they'd waited years. The day when Casey and Mark would become husband and wife. We traveled down backroads that led us to a little dirt road that seemed to go on forever finally leading us to the most beautiful "little Italy" venue tucked away behind the trees. Villa Serena provided the perfect backdrop for their wedding and I couldn't be more excited about how their wedding story turned out! It all started late one day when Mark was browsing around Facebook… like any typical college student might do. He noticed a cute girls picture (he was friends with her cousin) and messaged her. Seriously- that’s where this love story starts! At that time she went to Berry College and he was at UGA so they continued to build a friendship via text messages, Facebook chat and long night phone calls.

Casey’s birthday happened to be around the corner so Mark surprised her with UGA-Georgia Tech tickets. She was thrilled and since they’d only been on a couple of dates she decided to wear a dress- obviously to impress this cute boy- it rained the entire game and while her teeth chattered Mark willingly wrapped her up in his arms and tried his best to keep her from freezing… they lost the game but that didn’t keep Mark and Casey from enjoying the 2 hour car ride home and dinner together that night! Despite the rain and the loss at the game- Mark found the courage to ask Casey to be his girlfriend and if things couldn’t get any better they shared their first kiss.

I couldn't help but start their story with my favorite picture from the day. Just minutes after their recessional they were taking in being husband and wife, a little bit excited?? I think so!

A group of wonderful ladies from Merele Norman worked all morning getting Casey and the girls ready and everyone looked SO great!

So a little story about these shoes, Casey did them herself. Glammed them up with hundreds if not thousands of rhinestones all in perfect lines... no spot was left bare. They were so pretty and very heavy!

I love this picture- the concentration on everyones faces makes the moment.

awww love this.

There is a beautiful staircase going down from the bridal suite... perfection!

she was SO happy.


absolutely without a doubt. Stunning.

Casey had such a fun group of girlfriends and they were up for anything! I loved their dresses... yellow and one shoulder- two of my faves!

little story: if you look real close you can see the water flying out of the flowers and into Casey's face!

Dance Party Revolution

Casey and Mark exchanged the traditional vows for the ceremony but they wrote their own vows in cards and exchanged these right before they walked the aisle. Mark was just polishing his when I arrived.

Thanks to Lydia for grabbing these shots of the guys getting ready.

And if the girls weren't enough fun... these guys were most definitely not the serious type!

favorite groomsmen picture ever.

Mark- such a handsome groom

As they read each others vows. Such sweet moments.

I tried hard but couldn't narrow down their wedding into one post so you'll have to come back this afternoon to see part 2!

Here's an outtake from the fun with the bridesmaids:

see you again soon!

In the meantime be sure to leave your comments, best wishes and love below in the comments- I know Mark and Casey will be so grateful!

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