Pure Love, Joy & Excitement II | Villa Serena Wedding { Outdoor Wedding Photographer}

If you've missed part 1 journey over here to find it.. I'll wait here... The setting for Mark and Casey's wedding couldn't have been more beautiful. It was slightly challenging to capture everything at once with several different levels and areas of activity but we conquered it and not a moment was missed!

This was a sweet moment as the grandparents were escorted to their seats.

His father looks so proud as he looked up to his son above waiting for his bride to arrive.

These two girls were SO cute and their little flower girl outfits were the cutest ever! Loved them!

Walking across the lawn the guys came in- a great capture by Lydia (I love the light!)

It was so sweet to see Mark as he waited for his bride to come down the aisle. He didn't turn his face until the pastor gave him the go ahead- that way they were able to see each other's expressions at the same time. Such a great idea!

Love, love LOVE this!

So the candles had been lit but when it came time for the unity ceremony the breeze had blown the fire out. Casey and Mark looked at one another and then with a shrug of the shoulders they continued in motion to "light" the candle and then share a good laugh afterwards.

The group together= crazy fun!


The front lawn is so pretty with the house in the background.

I'm not sure what was said, but I love this moment of joy.

Each table had a frame with pictures from each of their younger years. These two aren't only FUN but they are brave :)

The dance floor was dark. Really dark but it didn't keep anyone off the dance floor- it was packed all night long!

and just before they left we ran out front to grab a couple of cool pictures in the front of the house...

and just as quickly as the day came it was time for them to leave...

Mark and Casey I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and love- thank you for the honor it was to share & capture your special day!

For more moments and a few little surprises check out the video below!

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