Summer has arrived!

For the last several weeks I wondered where Summer was and when she was going to show her face. I've absolutely LOVED the mild Spring/Summer we'd enjoyed thus far. Temps in the 70's and 80's through May and most of June... yes please! Maybe it's because July is right around the corner.... or because for those on vacation it wouldn't be "Summer" unless it's humid, sticky and hot outside.. but either way for a girl who prefers the "middle ground" 60's-80's Los Angeles is lookin' pretty nice right now!

Thankful that Saturday is only 99 and not 100... while we're out in the sweltering heat Saturday having the best of times with Lindsey and Brandon and their wedding party in my mind I'll just imagine I'm along the California coast drinking in the ocean breeze.... yes a breezy 75 and sunny. :)