The Maggie Trap {Maggie Mondays}

She was never a "chewer" but she does like to dig. Before it was a game- if your face disappears she immediately pounces into "rescue mode" and digs with all her might and at full speed until she's able to uncover you... then she proceeds to lick your face over and over and over again. When we got the new couch we left her out as we went out to run an errand, only to come home and see that she'd dug on the couch. Needless to say she knew she was in trouble and had already put herself in her kennel. She knew it was really bad as both of us were quite upset with her.

I'd left before dawn Saturday to shoot Jeanenne and Gus' wedding and I came home to this:

She was proudly perched on top the green blanket on top what happen to be the pillows underneath. My husband had done his best to cover and reinforce every inch of the couch to be nice and leave her out of her kennel as we were both gone all day Saturday.

She didn't do any damage this time but as you can see... she tried.

Any tips on how to keep dogs/pets from scratching and digging would be welcome! She's quite well behaved when we're present but gets herself into trouble when we leave.

This was her Friday as I headed out the door to run. I was putting on my shoes and she came over and sat and gave me the puppy face... begging to tag along. How could I say no?