The Man I'm Going to Marry | Brasstown Valley Resort Outdoor Wedding {Outdoor Wedding Photographer}

What a beautiful weekend we had to celebrate with April and Justin at the Brasstown Valley Resorts in Young Harris Georgia. It was a windy drive up the mountain that morning but the smile on April's face when we met her at the Spa was the perfect start to a fun and emotion filled day. She'd written off guys and relationship when they met but it didn't take long before one night she whispered to her mom that Justin was the man she was going to marry. Being just weeks into the relationship I don't know if her mom realized how serious she was but April held true to her word and Justin couldn't have been a more perfect fit for such a sweet girl.

I tried something a bit different and while I was still sure to capture "properly exposed images" I also grabbed these silhouettes that I'm quite in love with.

My angle on the left, Lydia's on the right.

Mom and dad got the real "first look". Her sweet daddy came in and just stood there in awe... doing his best to hold himself together. Such a sweet moment.

Justin patiently waiting... least the scenery he had to enjoy wasn't all that bad!

First looks are the best. Justin was so excited to see his bride... and all the smiles and hugs made were totally worth waiting a few extra moments for her to arrive.

Justin is hard to surprise but she was able to sneak down before the wedding for a super special boudoir session and then give Justin an album. His expressions unwrapping his gift were priceless!

Fences, horses, mountains, a beautiful Summer day and trees all around... paired with a beautiful and loving couple... what more could a photographer ask for?


I couldn't choose so I decided to share both this and the next.

I really love this picture of Justin and I wonder what's passing through his mind in this moment.

coolest bridesmaids ever.

And they sealed the deal with a kiss

Then it was time to celebrate with the wedding party together... a pretty crazy cool group- don't ya think?


The reception was so classy and beautiful.

April used a mix of tall and short centerpieces and they worked together perfectly.

A beautiful room shot by Lydia...

Meanwhile I was capturing this...

This little guy seemed to be wondering if he could come crash the party.

To be notified when April and Justin's wedding story is ready to view online click here Even more moments and memories in the slideshow below:

Outtake. So in the midst of shooting and running down the hill I lost a shoe, but I didn't realize it was picked up until I was going through the pictures! haha