They were Made for Each other | {Berry College Wedding Pictures}

The things you learn when you wake before sunrise (and you're not typically a morning person)... that indeed you may live in the city but the birds singing outside your window have a beautiful melody, and watching the sunrise while driving down the freeway in your rearview mirror is even more beautiful than the best sunset you might see driving along the same piece of asphalt. It was a gorgeous morning and the rare coffee in hand we headed North to Berry College for the long awaited wedding day of Jeannene and Gus. I remember the evening I received her email... about her soon to be husband, the details of the beginning of their dating journey and how they wanted to know what dates I was available so I could be their photographer. I've gotta say there's nothing more special and more humbling than when a bride works her wedding date around my availability!

Gus and Jeannene had a beautiful noon wedding at Berry College Chapel. The morning air felt more like a beautiful April day! They chose to do a first look and take care of all their family pictures before the wedding. It may have been an early start but getting to enjoy the mild weather and cool breeze made getting up those few extra hours early totally worth it!

These two were made for one another and if you don't believe me all you have to do is spend a little time with them together. The looks he flashes her way speak of the way he simply adores her and she shares a sweet smile at the simple mention of his name. After their engagement session this Spring I knew we were in for a treat to share in their wedding day ... it couldn't have been more true!

Here's a little peek into the beautiful day they became Mr. and Mrs. Gus Pacheco.

Go Gators!

We'll just say there were lots of girls and not a lot of room left... but the smiles and laughter they all shared were truly priceless moments and memories of her wedding morning.

Gus was so cute and SO excited to see his bride... but I really think the feelings were mutual!

Love this!

A fabulous shot captured by Lydia.

Gus had a great group of guys to spend his day with... loads of smiles and laughter were had by all.

Sassy ladies!

The smile and anticipation on Gus' face was so sweet... they were all new emotions/expressions he shared even after doing a first look.


I absolutely love the Ford buildings at Berry.. more commonly referred to as "the castles".


I absolutely loved their departure.. a bunch of noise makers from clapping hands to little whistles it was fun for everyone!

Congrats and best wishes to you both! I hope you enjoy your new home in North Carolina! I'm looking forward to getting to visit one day!