When Childhood Friends become Husband and Wife | {Outdoor Wedding Photographer}

Their family says they played together in grade school but neither of them can recall their younger years in the back yard together.... but with the encouragement of her mom and his aunt they connected over the phone (Kimberly was out of town traveling at the time) and decided to meet at The Grape upon her arrival home. She's very structured while he is sure to make time to slow down and enjoy life and it's there in the middle they find their perfect balance. Kimberly has the most genuine heart and even on her wedding day made sure everyone else was taken care of. She welcomed us with a hug, had everything laid out perfectly so we could go straight to work on the details. She was more than ready to be Derrick's bride. In the meantime Derrick was back in the Observation deck chill in' waiting on his turn to get ready and most likely sipping a glass of bourbon. Awaiting the hour he'd get to see Kimberly walk down the aisle to stand by his side. Love it. The ceremony was beautiful and then the same area was flipped for the reception by the fabulous team at Bold American. They transformed it into a spectacular reception area while the guests enjoyed a live band and cocktails on the upper deck.   A huge thank you to Kimberly and Derrick for sharing such a special and beautiful day with us. I can't wait to hear about your adventures in France and wish you a lifetime of happiness together!

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