Born a Fighter | Preemie Pictures

His phone rang and in a matter of seconds his life changed. At a friend's rehearsal for the wedding the call was from his Annie. "Come quick, they are taking me into surgery". Annie had been admitted to the hospital a couple of days earlier but they didn't a delivery to happen so soon. It's an understatement to say Toby was to the hospital in a matter of minutes and thankfully there didn't happen to be any officers between point A and point B either.

That evening Toby and Annie welcomed their beautiful little boy, Gunnar into the world weighing less than 2lbs and 8 inches long he was more nearly 20 weeks early. His small size and early arrival didn't seem to be a problem though and he was strong, fairly stable and made leaps of progress on a daily basis.

Annie insisted Toby attend the wedding Sunday and it was there after seeing the hospital bracelet sneaking out from under his tux that I learned he was a new dad... but it wasn't until later that I learned he was a new dad to a preemie.

We were staying in town for a couple of days with a friend and I asked if I could come visit and take pictures of their new family of 3 for them. There's nothing greater than being able to give back and bless special families like this with a gift that will continue to keep giving for years to come.

Little Gunnar- your parents love you more than words can express... you can see the proof below. Your daddy is so proud and your mom so gentle in her love and care. You have great things ahead of you and I know you'll continue to impact and change lives in the future... just like you changed mine.

So tiny, so fragile and yet he was perfect. 10 little fingers, 10 little toes, and his very own, fully formed fingerprints 100% complete. An itty bitty, living and breathing miracle.

soooo tiny.

Anne you are so beautiful!

I absolutely love the picture below.. fav. from the day for sure!

In the modern day of medicine and with half a dozen different machines all around him... the NICU doesn't use blankets but bubble wrap to keep their smallest residents warm.

and I'll end with this... I wonder what he's thinking...

Thank you to Annie and Toby for sharing your precious son with us. Lydia and I absolutely love sharing the afternoon with you, learning more about your family, and your story. Though the journey ahead is long... we know you guys will be victorious. Gunnar is blessed to have a set of parents like you!